Junko Mori

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Pragmatics of Japanese: Perspectives on grammar, interaction and culture

Edited by Mutsuko Endo Hudson, Yoshiko Matsumoto and Junko Mori

[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 285] 2018. xv, 311 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Japanese linguistics | Pragmatics
Subjects Discourse studies | Japanese linguistics | Pragmatics | Syntax


Mori, Junko, Mutsuko Endo Hudson and Yoshiko Matsumoto 2018 IntroductionPragmatics of Japanese: Perspectives on grammar, interaction and culture, Hudson, Mutsuko Endo, Yoshiko Matsumoto and Junko Mori (eds.), pp. 1–14 | Introduction
Mori, Junko and Tomoharu Yanagimachi 2015 Artifacts, gestures and dispensable speech: Multimodality in teaching and learning a biology laboratory techniqueDialogue in Multilingual and Multimodal Communities, Koike, Dale and Carl S. Blyth (eds.), pp. 221–251 | Article
The chapter examines the nature of embodied, multimodal language use in science training in a segment of an interaction where a Japanese professor and a Chinese student engaged in teaching and learning a basic laboratory technique. The analysis, informed by ethnomethodological and conversation… read more
Using conversation analysis as a central tool for analysis, this chapter examines how conversational participants utilize a cleft construction, which begins with -no wa topic clause, as a resource to construct and process their turns at talk. Unlike the well-formed structure of this construction… read more
Mori, Junko and Timothy Koschmann 2012 Good reasons for seemingly bad performance: Competences at the blackboard and the accountability of a lessonEvaluating Cognitive Competences in Interaction, Rasmussen, Gitte, Catherine E. Brouwer and Dennis Day (eds.), pp. 89–118 | Article
The evaluation of students’ competences in educational institutions tends to be associated with the degree of the students’ mastery vis-à-vis specific, preordained curricular goals. Aside from such sanctified measurements of achievement, however, the analysis of competences is in fact embedded in… read more
This commentary reviews the five studies of intercultural communication in this special issue by comparing the nature of data analyzed and analytical procedures adopted. The data span from Africa, Asia, to North America, where different cultural, national, or ethnic groups were engaged in… read more