Andrea Moro

List of John Benjamins publications for which Andrea Moro plays a role.


Bosia, Marta, Giorgio Arcara, Mariachiara Buonocore, Margherita Bechi, Andrea Moro, Roberto Cavallaro and Valentina Bambini 2016 Communication in schizophrenia, between pragmatics, cognition, and social cognitionBiolinguistic Investigations on the Language Faculty, Di Sciullo, Anna Maria (ed.), pp. 213–234 | Article
We previously reported communication disruption in schizophrenia at the pragmatic level, i.e., in the ability to match language and context. Pragmatic abilities interact with a number of cognitive functions, from Theory of Mind to executive control, which in turn are known to be compromised in… read more
Moro, Andrea 2003 Notes on Vocative Case: A Case Study in Clause StructureRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2001: Selected papers from 'Going Romance', Amsterdam, 6–8 December 2001, Quer, Josep, Jan Schroten, Mauro Scorretti, Petra Sleeman and Els Verheugd-Daatzelaar (eds.), pp. 247–261 | Article