Aline Godfroid

List of John Benjamins publications for which Aline Godfroid plays a role.



Godfroid, Aline and Paula Winke 2015 Investigating implicit and explicit processing using L2 learners’ eye-movement dataImplicit and Explicit Learning of Languages, Rebuschat, Patrick (ed.), pp. 325–348 | Article
In this chapter we review eye-tracking methodology as a way to investigate aspects of implicit and explicit L2 processing, given that the research context allows one to do so. We begin by briefly reviewing the L1 eye-tracking research of psychologists and cognitive scientists whose work provided… read more
Godfroid, Aline, Alex Housen and Frank Boers 2010 10. A procedure for testing the Noticing Hypothesis in the context of vocabulary acquisitionCognitive Processing in Second Language Acquisition: Inside the learner's mind, Pütz, Martin and Laura Sicola (eds.), pp. 169–197 | Article