Wan Wan

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Subjects Applied linguistics | Cognition and language | Language acquisition | Language teaching


The article aims to provide a critical review of 23 studies that have used metaphor analysis to provide insight into academic literacy research over the past 30 years. It begins by summarising some of the key issues and trends that have been addressed using metaphor analysis, grouping these into… read more
While there appears to be a broad consensus about the value of metaphor as an effective means of helping participants think critically about their educational practices, little attention has been paid to its potential for cultivating critical thinking skills relating to academic literacy, and… read more
Wan, Wan and Graham Low 2015 IntroductionElicited Metaphor Analysis in Educational Discourse, Wan, Wan and Graham Low (eds.), pp. 1–12 | Article
The last decade has seen a large number of studies employing metaphor elicitation techniques, especially using ‘X is (like) Y’ format to investigate language teachers’ and learners’ understandings of teaching and/or learning. Although a few recent studies have reported the proportion of… read more