Melanie J. Bell

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Explorations of morphological structure in distributional space

Edited by Melanie J. Bell, Juhani Järvikivi and Vito Pirrelli

Special issue of The Mental Lexicon 17:3 (2022) v, 155 pp.
Subjects Computational & corpus linguistics | Multilingualism | Neurolinguistics | Psycholinguistics | Semantics


Bell, Melanie J. and Carmen Portero-Muñoz 2022 Time-measurement constructions in English: A corpus-based explorationEnglish Noun Phrases from a Functional-Cognitive Perspective: Current issues, Sommerer, Lotte and Evelien Keizer (eds.), pp. 311–362 | Chapter
Time-measurement expressions such as five-year plan, 10 years’ time and 25 years service occur frequently in English. All such expressions consist of a cardinal numeral, followed by a time-noun (N1) then a second noun (N2). The time-noun has one of three orthographic forms: the bare-form, the… read more
Schäfer, Martin and Melanie J. Bell 2020 Constituent polysemy and interpretational diversity in attested English novel compoundsSemantics and Psychology of Complex Words, Gagné, Christina L. and Thomas L. Spalding (eds.), pp. 42–61 | Article
We explore variation in the interpretation of attested novel compound nouns in English, especially the contribution of constituent polysemy to this diversity. Our results show that effects of polysemy are pervasive in compound interpretation, contributing both to interpretational diversity and to… read more
Bell, Melanie J. 2011 At the boundary of morphology and syntax: Noun noun constructions in EnglishMorphology and its Interfaces, Galani, Alexandra, Glyn Hicks and George Tsoulas (eds.), pp. 137–168 | Article
A widely held view of noun noun constructions (NNs) in English is that some are compound nouns while others are noun phrases (e.g. Quirk et al. 1985: 1332, Biber et al. 1999: 589, Giegerich 2004). This chapter shows that a syntactic analysis of NNs necessitates the postulation of a cross… read more