Cher Leng Lee

List of John Benjamins publications for which Cher Leng Lee plays a role.


This paper is a sociolinguistic study of the linguistic landscape of signboards in Singapore hawker centres. It examines the language(s) displayed on the signboards of 2,145 stalls in the 20 largest hawker centres in Singapore. Hawker centres in Singapore are open-air eating places patronised by… read more
Lee, Cher Leng and Daoning Zhu 2023 Hong Kong Cantonese TV talk shows: When code-switching manifests as impolitenessPragmatics 33:2, pp. 237–259 | Article
This study examines how impoliteness is carried out through code-switching in the Hong Kong Cantonese television talk show Sze U Tonight. Hong Kong is a modern and globalised Chinese society with a colonial background and is currently part of China. This unique combination makes the norms that… read more
Lee, Cher Leng and Chiew Pheng Phua 2020 Singapore bilingual education: One policy, many interpretationsDevelopments in Diglossic Settings in the Asian Pacific Region, Berg, Marinus van den (ed.), pp. 90–114 | Article
Bilingualism has always been emphasized in Singapore’s education system. Since 1959, Singapore government leaders have repeatedly stressed that bilingualism is the cornerstone of Singapore’s language policy. Scholars researching language policy and planning in Singapore have also assumed that… read more
The Chinese language has a five-thousand-year history, and one can track the evolution of pronouns from historical to contemporary texts. Some historical Chinese pronouns constitute complex systems. In Chinese, address systems are a more obvious indicator of politeness (Kádár 2007). However, the… read more
This paper examines the act of complimenting and responding to compliments among Singapore Chinese. To this end, I explored naturally occurring compliment exchanges during the Chinese New Year (CNY) period. These exchanges are not only gender-sensitive, but age- and generation-sensitive as well.… read more
Giora, Rachel and Cher Leng Lee 1996 Written Discourse Segmentation: The Funtion of Unstressed Pronouns in Mandarin ChineseReference and Referent Accessibility, Fretheim, Thorstein and Jeanette K. Gundel (eds.), pp. 113 ff. | Article