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This paper examines the emergence of for-complementation in Chinese Pidgin English (CPE) and Hong Kong English (HKE) from a sociohistorical perspective. Although CPE and HKE arise under different contact situations and time periods, surprisingly speakers of these varieties show parallelism in… read more
Sentential complementation is generally unmarked in Chinese Pidgin English (ChnP). However, around the middle of the 19th century, the word so began to be used as a complementizer. This paper focuses on the origins of so as a complementizer in ChnP. An examination of so and another closely related… read more
Li, Michelle and Stephen Matthews 2016 An outline of Macau Pidgin PortugueseJournal of Pidgin and Creole Languages 31:1, pp. 141–183 | Article
In the early stages of the China trade European traders knew nothing of Chinese, while the Chinese traders were equally ignorant of European languages. It was in this setting that pidgin languages developed for interethnic communication. While the role of Chinese Pidgin English in the China trade… read more
Matthews, Stephen and Michelle Li 2012 Portuguese pidgin and Chinese Pidgin English in the Canton tradeIbero-Asian Creoles: Comparative Perspectives, Cardoso, Hugo C., Alan N. Baxter and Mário Pinharanda-Nunes (eds.), pp. 263–288 | Article
While the role of Chinese Pidgin English (CPE) in the Canton trade is relatively well-understood, the role of pidgin Portuguese has remained less clear. We review the evidence for the use of pidgin Portuguese and for its influence on the development of CPE. There is evidence of gradual replacement… read more