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ISSN 2210-4119 | E-ISSN 2210-4127

Book series


Dialogue and Culture

Edited by Marion Grein and Edda Weigand

[Dialogue Studies, 1] 2007. xii, 262 pp.
Subjects Communication Studies | Dialogue studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics


Grein, Marion 2020 Cross-linguistic influence and the MGMLanguage and Dialogue 10:3, pp. 369–388 | Article
Language learning is an interactive, social effort and the role of grammar is no longer focused. Nowadays we consider most language learners to be pluricultural beings aiming at communicative language competence (cf. CEFR 2018) in another language. The role of grammar, thus, plays a subordinate… read more
Grein, Marion 2018 Sharifian, Farzad. 2017. Cultural Linguistics Language and Dialogue 8:2, pp. 328–330 | Review
Grein, Marion 2018 Progress in language teaching: From competence to dialogic competence-in-performanceFrom Pragmatics to Dialogue, Weigand, Edda and István Kecskés (eds.), pp. 61–82 | Chapter
The article maintains that language teaching has to include the teaching of cross- or intercultural dialogic competencies. Cross-cultural competencies are often linked to the field of cross- or intercultural pragmatics. Yet, most approaches to pragmatics are hardly suitable to discover what… read more
Grein, Marion 2018 Foreign language teaching – Integrationism vs. MGMIntegrating dialogue, Săftoiu, Răzvan and Adrian Pablé (eds.), pp. 5–20 | Article
Modern language teaching is no longer grammar based, but based on authentic real life dialogues (dialogic speech acts) which enable learners to communicate or rather to interact verbally and nonverbally competent with native speakers. The conception of language teaching curricula, especially… read more
Grein, Marion 2008 Sociological concepts and their impact on rhetoric: Japanese language conceptsDialogue and Rhetoric, Weigand, Edda (ed.), pp. 195–207 | Article
Communication principles are culturally determined and are, without doubt, omnipresent in every dialogue. In some languages, these culturally determined principles can directly be linked to sociocultural concepts. These concepts are wellelaborated in Japan. In this article, I shall emphasize three… read more
Grein, Marion 2007 The speech act of refusals within the minimal action game: A comparative study of German and JapaneseDialogue and Culture, Grein, Marion and Edda Weigand (eds.), pp. 95–113 | Article
Within the last 15 years, more than 2.5 million “migrants” attended special language courses [so-called integration courses] in Germany. In the last three years “vocational language courses” increased, especially courses in the field of health care. The aim of the article is to show that… read more