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Subjects General studies in art & art history | Theoretical literature & literary studies


Pankenier Weld, Sara 2023 Chapter 4. Catherine the Great’s writings for children in transnational contextTransnational Books for Children 1750-1900: Producers, consumers, encounters, Appel, Charlotte, Nina Christensen and M.O. Grenby (eds.), pp. 89–108 | Chapter
When Russian Empress Catherine the Great (1729–1796) wrote allegorical fairy tales and educational materials for her grandsons, as well as an audience of Russian children, she actively partook in transnational traditions, finding inspiration and models in genres that fluidly crossed geographical… read more
Pankenier Weld, Sara 2015 Chapter 5. The square as regal infant: The avant-garde infantile in early Soviet picturebooksChildren's Literature and the Avant-Garde, Druker, Elina and Bettina Kümmerling-Meibauer (eds.), pp. 111–136 | Article
This chapter focuses on geometric regions that serve as shared “picture primitives” in Russian avant-garde art and early Soviet picturebooks for children to highlight the interrelatedness between the infantile art of the avant-garde and avant-garde work that actually involves an infantile audience.… read more