Emy Koopman

List of John Benjamins publications for which Emy Koopman plays a role.


This study examined the use of literature as a coping strategy among people who had experienced loss, comparing it to the use of music. Theory suggested that these artistic media can facilitate insight, recognition, support, relaxation, new emotions, and/or distraction. Among 198 respondents, 64… read more
Koopman, Emy 2013 The attraction of tragic narrative: Catharsis and other motivesAesthetic Engagement During Moments of Suffering, Kuiken, Don and Mary Beth Oliver (eds.), pp. 178–208 | Article
A survey study was conducted to explore why people read about suffering, giving particular attention to the role that catharsis may play. Through an online questionnaire, respondents (N = 67) commented on a popular autobiographical Dutch novel about grief. The questionnaire contained closed and… read more
The current study aimed to explore the mechanisms of the therapeutic function of literature for non-clinical subjects. It was hypothesized that narrative feelings (identification with the character and feeling absorbed in the narrative world) and aesthetic feelings (attention to and appreciation of… read more