Rias van den Doel

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It may be assumed that non-native speakers (NNSs) of English are more accommodating towards other NNS accents, as a result of increased solidarity, intelligibility, or both. Emerging evidence suggests, however, that this is not true of all groups of NNSs, especially when judging those sharing the… read more
Doel, Rias van den and Hugo Quené 2013 The endonormative standards of European English: Emerging or elusive?English World-Wide 34:1, pp. 77–98 | Article
It has been asserted that a common European variety of English is currently emerging. This so-called “European English” is claimed to be the result of convergence among non-native English speakers, and to reflect a gradual abandonment of Inner Circle norms, which are deemed to be increasingly… read more