María-José Ezeizabarrena

List of John Benjamins publications for which María-José Ezeizabarrena plays a role.


Munarriz-Ibarrola, Amaia, María-José Ezeizabarrena, Varun DC Arrazola and M. Carmen Parafita Couto 2022 Gender assignment strategies and L1 effects in the elicited production of mixed Spanish-Basque DPsLinguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 12:6, pp. 778–815 | Article
This paper investigates the strategies involved in gender assignment in Spanish-Basque mixed Determiner Phrases (DPs) with a gendered Spanish determiner (el M /la F) and a Basque ungendered noun. Previous studies on Spanish-Basque mixed DPs have revealed conflicting results regarding the… read more
Ezeizabarrena, María-José, Amaia Munarriz and Udane Loidi 2017 Chapter 12. Bilingual production of relative clauses in languages with opposite head-complement directionalityMultidisciplinary Approaches to Bilingualism in the Hispanic and Lusophone World, Bellamy, Kate, Michael W. Child, Paz González, Antje Muntendam and M. Carmen Parafita Couto (eds.), pp. 283–309 | Chapter
The so-calledSR advantage, based on the observation that S(ubject) R(elatives) are easier to acquire, comprehend or process as compared to O(bject) R(elatives) in many Verb-Object languages, contrasts with the pattern attested in some languages with prenominal relative clauses and/or Object-Verb… read more
Ezeizabarrena, María-José and Alaitz Alegría 2015 Early coda production in bilingual Spanish and BasqueThe Acquisition of Spanish in Understudied Language Pairings, Judy, Tiffany and Silvia Perpiñán (eds.), pp. 75–104 | Article
The study of the codas in the spontaneous speech of a Basque-Spanish bilingual child reveals that they are produced early and continue to develop gradually, in both languages, during the period studied (1;09–2;01). The inter-linguistic differences attested regarding the inventory of segments, the… read more
Ezeizabarrena, María-José 2009 Development in early Basque-Spanish language mixingHispanic Child Languages: Typical and impaired development, Grinstead, John (ed.), pp. 57–90 | Article
Similar morphosyntactic development in both languages and low rates of language mixing (LM) attested in the corpus of a Spanish-Basque bilingual child rules out language dominance in the period studied (1;06–3;06). No preference for either language is observed with regard to lexical or functional… read more
Ezeizabarrena, María-José 2003 Null Subjects and optional infinitives in Basque(In)vulnerable Domains in Multilingualism, Müller, Natascha (ed.), pp. 83–106 | Article
Child root infinitives are considered to be underspecified structures with frequent null subjects. This paper deals with the study of the overt and non-overt subjects of the structures of root infinitives found in early speech production in Basque language, in order to determine whether there is a… read more