Erica Gold

List of John Benjamins publications for which Erica Gold plays a role.


Gold, Erica, Christin Kirchhübel, Kate Earnshaw and Sula Ross 2022 Regional variation in British English voice qualityEnglish World-Wide 43:1, pp. 96–123 | Article
This study considers regional variation of voice quality in two varieties of British English – Southern Standard British English and West Yorkshire English. A comparison of voice quality profiles for three closely related but not identical northern varieties within West Yorkshire is also… read more
Gold, Erica and Dan McIntyre 2019 Chapter 4. What the /fʌk/? An acoustic-pragmatic analysis of implicated meaning in a scene from The WirePragmatics and Literature, Chapman, Siobhan and Billy Clark (eds.), pp. 73–91 | Chapter