Review of Cognitive Linguistics

Online-first articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet been published in an issue.

21 June 2024

Review of Lu, Kudrnáčová & Janda (2021): Corpus approaches to language, thought and communication
Maria Istvanova | 6 pp.
Review of Bagli (2021): Tastes we live by. The linguistic conceptualisation of taste in English
Maria Angeles Ruiz-Moneva | 6 pp.
football club is family: Metaphor and the reconstruction of collective identity
Maria Theodoropoulou | 41 pp.

13 June 2024

Challenges and potential of quasi-experimental studies in cognitive linguistics applied to language teaching and learning
Beatriz Martín Gascón | 20 pp.

6 June 2024

Metaphorical and non-metaphorical meaning from spatial relations
Marlene Johansson Falck and Lacey Okonski | 39 pp.

4 June 2024

Applying cognitive grammar to the Count/Mass Distinction: An exploratory case study with pre-service teachers
Eloy Romero Muñoz, Remy Decorte and Dylan Dachet | 35 pp.

7 May 2024

Intertextual satire in media discourse: Conceptual blends
Oksana Doichyk, Vita Yurchyshyn and Yuriy Velykoroda | 35 pp.

29 April 2024

Frames and semantic roles in metaphorical mappings: A contrastive study of English boil and Spanish hervir
Ignasi Navarro i Ferrando and Montserrat Esbrí Blasco | 36 pp.
Setting subject and the inferential cleft construction in Korean
Chongwon Park, J. Yeon and Jong-Bok Kim | 32 pp.
Raising the bar: Enhancing study design and validity in L2 idiom research
Kris Ramonda | 24 pp.

23 April 2024

Image schemas and ( point )- to-point event model for the macro-event
Fuyin Li | 30 pp.
Testing the benefits of relating figurative idioms to their literal underpinnings: The role of individual differences
Liting Luo and Frank Boers | 21 pp.

2 April 2024

Possessive construction in the Kurdish language: A cognitive perspective
Masoud Dehghan, Hossein Davari and Ebrahim Badakhshan | 31 pp.

27 February 2024

Subjectification and conativity: Origins and development of the verbal construction tratar de +  infinitive
Álvaro S. Octavio de Toledo y Huerta and Mar Garachana Camarero | 29 pp.
Vete a freír cristales: The interplay of convention and innovation in a constructional idiom of rejection in Spanish
Pedro Ivorra Ordines and Belén López Meirama | 38 pp.

19 February 2024

The semantics of the polysemic Amharic word fit ‘face’: For a new perspective in the cross-linguistic study of body-part terms
Sérgio N. Menete and Guiying Jiang | 34 pp.

13 February 2024

RA-marking, delimitation, and TA-headed directional PPs in Persian
Farhad Moezzipour and Neda Moezzipour | 29 pp.

2 February 2024

Contrasting the semantics of prepositions through a cognitive linguistic approach: The case of English on , Italian su , and Russian na
Marika Kalyuga and Sofya Yunusova | 41 pp.

23 January 2024

DOG and CAT proverbs: Cognitive operations and cultural constraints
Huei-ling Lai and Hsiao-Ling Hsu | 29 pp.
The semantic access mechanism of L3 Spanish words: Evidence from a cross-linguistic priming effect by Chinese native speakers
Ting Wang and Jingyun Yang | 23 pp.

14 December 2023

Conventional metaphors in English as a lingua franca: An analysis of speech metaphors in three academic seminars
Rafael Alejo-González | 27 pp.

12 December 2023

Conceptualizing achromaticity: The semantics of Finnish basic colour term harmaa (‘grey’)
Veera Hatakka | 28 pp.

9 November 2023

Zero-sum or Win-win Game? Comparative studies on sports/game metaphors and ideological framing in economic news on Sino, EU and US trade disputes
Dongman Cai | 26 pp.
Metaphor as a key tool in personal development discourse: An extended conceptual metaphor theory approach to the study of Carol Dweck’s Mindset: The new psychology of success
Yvan Rudhel Megaptche Megaptche and Iarimalala Jenny Ramanantsoa | 21 pp.

19 October 2023

Evidential propositions as situational scenarios: From semantic structure to meaning construction
Ghsoon Reda | 30 pp.

22 September 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic and changing meanings of flatten the curve: A cognitive semantic approach
Iksoo Kwon and Iksoo Kwon | 36 pp.

15 September 2023

The Spanish subjunctive and grounding: A cognitive approach to the cante paradigm
Dana Kratochvílová | 41 pp.
The physics of time: How visual entropy cues influence spatial conceptions of time
Renqiang Wang, Heng Li and Bo Yang | 21 pp.

11 July 2023

A mental spaces analysis of religious identity discourse
Charles M. Mueller, Peter Richardson and Stephen Pihlaja | 23 pp.

23 June 2023

The polysemy of the Japanese temperature adjective atsui: A behavioral profile analysis
Haitao Wang, Toshiyuki Kanamaru and Ke Li | 29 pp.