Studies in Arabic Linguistics

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This book series aims to publish original research in all fields of Arabic linguistics, including – but not limited to – theoretical linguistics, historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, pragmatics, typology, and language acquisition. Submissions from all current theoretical frameworks are welcome. Studies may deal with one or more varieties of Arabic, or Arabic in relation to or compared with other languages. Both monographs and thematic collections of research papers will be considered.

The series includes monographs and thematically coherent collective volumes, in English.

Islam Youssef
2023. xii, 230 pp.
Edited by Mahmoud Azaz
2023. vii, 286 pp.
Edited by Abdel-Khalig Ali and Atiqa Hachimi
2022. xvi, 201 pp.
Edited by Dimitrios Ntelitheos and Tommi Tsz-Cheung Leung
2021. vii, 249 pp.
Edited by Elly van Gelderen
2020. v, 174 pp.
Edited by Amel Khalfaoui and Youssef A. Haddad
2019. xiii, 264 pp.
Edited by Amel Khalfaoui and Matthew A. Tucker
2019. vii, 220 pp.
Edited by Stefano Manfredi and Mauro Tosco
2018. vi, 372 pp.
Edited by Hamid Ouali
2017. vi, 250 pp.
Edited by Youssef A. Haddad and Eric Potsdam
2016. xii, 248 pp.
Edited by Stuart Davis and Usama Soltan
2016. xvii, 238 pp.
Edited by Reem Khamis-Dakwar and Karen Froud
2014. vi, 304 pp.
Edited by Samira Farwaneh and Hamid Ouali
2014. xiii, 229 pp.
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Nizar Habash | New York University, Abu Dhabi
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Hamid Ouali | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
ORCID logoJonathan Owens | Emeritus, University of Bayreuth, Germany
Ghisseh Sarko | Tishreen University, Syria
Manfred A. Woidich | Emeritus, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

The series welcomes submissions. Book proposals, preferably structured along the lines indicated in our Guidelines for Book Proposals, can be sent to the editors:

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When you are instructed to prepare your manuscript for production, please follow these Guidelines for Manuscript Submission.