Circum-Baltic Languages

2 Volumes (set)

ORCID logoÖsten Dahl | University of Stockholm
Maria Koptjevskaja-Tamm | University of Stockholm
ISBN 9789027230669 (Eur) | EUR 270.00
ISBN 9781588113214 (USA) | USD 405.00
The area around the Baltic Sea has for millennia been a meeting-place for people of different origins. Among the circum-Baltic languages, we find three major branches of Indo-European — Baltic, Germanic, and Slavic, the Baltic-Finnic languages from the Uralic phylum and several others. The circum-Baltic area is an ideal place to study areal and contact phenomena in languages.
The present set of two volumes look at the circum-Baltic languages from a typological, areal and historical perspective, trying to relate the intricate patterns of similarities and dissimilarities to the societal background.

In Volume I, surveys of dialect areas and language groups bear witness to the immense linguistic diversity in the area with special attention to less well-known languages and language varieties and their contacts.

In Volume II, selected phenomena in the grammars of the circum-Baltic languages are studied in a cross-linguistic perspective.

[Studies in Language Companion Series, 54-55] 2001.  xx, 382 pp. & xx, 423 pp.
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“The study succeeds in providing a fundamental yet fine-grained linguistic profile of northeastern Europe from both a cultural/historic and a typological perspective.”
“The collection is very wellcome as a state-of-the-art of research on this region, and an indispensable starting point for further research.”
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