Studies in World Language Problems

Humphrey Tonkin | University of Hartford

Studies in World Language Problems (WLP) focuses on political, sociological, and economic aspects of language and language use. It is especially concerned with relationships between and among language communities, particularly in international contexts, and in the adaptation, manipulation, and standardization of language for international use. It aims to publish monographs and edited volumes that deal with language policy, language management, and language use in international organizations, multinational enterprises, etc., and theoretical studies on global communication, language interaction, and language conflict.

Sabine Fiedler and Cyril Robert Brosch
2022. xx, 429 pp.
Edited by François Grin, László Marácz and Nike K. Pokorn
2022. xxvi, 570 pp.
Edited by Marco Tamburelli and Mauro Tosco
2021. vi, 271 pp.
Edited by Goro Christoph Kimura and Lisa Fairbrother
2020. ix, 273 pp.
Edited by Peter A. Kraus and François Grin
2018. xix, 367 pp.
Edited by Anna Kristina Hultgren, Frans Gregersen and Jacob Thøgersen
2014. vi, 268 pp.
Edited by Lionel Wee, Robbie B.H. Goh and Lisa Lim
2013. ix, 322 pp.
Edited by Humphrey Tonkin and Maria Esposito Frank
2010. x, 201 pp.
Edited by Xabier Arzoz
2008. viii, 269 pp.
Edited by Humphrey Tonkin and Timothy Reagan
2003. vi, 209 pp.
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