Essays in honor of Joshua A. Fishman

Volume 1: Focus on Bilingual Education; Volume 2: Focus on Language Planning; Volume 3: Focus on Language and Ethnicity

3 Volumes (set)

ISBN 9789027220837 (Eur) | EUR 360.00
ISBN 9781556191190 (USA) | USD 540.00
Three topical volumes including essays by distinguished scholars who have been influenced by the pioneer of the sociology of language, Joshua A. Fishman. In order to do justice to the multi-facetted scope of Fishman's writings, the editors chose to produce these Focusschriften on the occasion of his 65th birthday. Each volume contains recent studies by well-known scholars from around the world and each one attempts to document at this point in time where we stand in the study of these topics. A challenging and stimulating trilogy.
[Not in series, FISHFEST S] 1991.  1000 pp.,3 vols
Publishing status: Available