Nonverbal Communication across Disciplines

3 Volumes (set)

Fernando Poyatos | University of New Brunswick
ISBN 9789027221841 (Eur) | EUR 380.00
ISBN 9781556197567 (USA) | USD 570.00
The interdisciplinary field of Nonverbal Communication Studies is covered in these three volumes in a great variety of aspects, including sensory exchanges, intercultural communication and problems, and the deeper levels of personal as well as person-environment interactions. Taking roots in anthropology, psychology and sociology, the author provides a unique compilation of approaches to communication, integrating language and literature, speech analysis, voice phenomena (paralanguage), gestures, manners and postures (kinesics), silence, non-bodily and environmental sounds, etc., and the temporal aspects of interaction (chronemics).

This work offers a wealth of materials for different research fields and professions to which communication is central: language teaching, translation and interpreting, publicity, literature, theater and cinema, and the helping professions. Over 3700 literary illustrative quotations from hundreds of authors constitute a virtual treatise on nonverbal communication in literature.

Fernando Poyatos, besides teaching Nonverbal Communication in the departments of Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology of his university, has lectured in many others in over twenty countries, organized international symposiums, and spoken to specialists, in different disciplines. Here he offers the most interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspective in the field.

[Not in series, NCAD S] 2002.  1180 pp.
Publishing status: Available
“Nonverbal communication across disciplines is a landmark contribution to nonverbal communication studies.”
“F. Poyatos three volume edition offers highly explicit taxonomy of non-verbal communication in all of its facets. [...] Suggestions for further analysis at the conclusion of each chapter highlight topics, the author feels need further treatment. Each volume exhibits an extensive bibliography of publications related to the topic — a treasure trove for anyone working in the field — and a second of the narrative works cited.”
“[...] rather than comprising the comprehensive handbook of research on non-verbal communication that the general title of the series might evoke, Poyatos invites us to enlarge our research horizons, to conceive original connections, and to revisit literary works. He has gathered all the fruits of his long-standing familiarity with literature and shared his enthusiasm for the exploration of numerous aspects of human interaction which are frequently neglected in language studies but are abundantly present in the contents of his library.”

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