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Linguistic research on Uralic languages has been undergoing profound and multi-layered renewal as well as extraordinary expansion in recent years. This shift has been marked by the extension of in-depth linguistic work on general linguistic topics of current interest to an ever-growing number of Uralic languages, and the appearance of electronic research tools. The core mission of the Journal of Uralic Linguistics (JUL) is twofold. First, it aspires to serve an integrative role in Uralic linguistics, broadly construed, by striving to bridge currently existing gaps between various research traditions and areas of specialization, providing them with a common platform. Second, it aims to bolster the impact that results from the study of Uralic languages have on general linguistic theory and typology.

The journal brings together formal, typological, descriptive, as well as experimental treatments of data, covering a broad linguistic scope. This scope includes all core grammatical disciplines of linguistics (phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics), as well as the interdisciplinary fields of research at the interfaces with other disciplines, including phonetics, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, language acquisition, language documentation, and language technology, among others. Analyses of data from a single Uralic language/variety and comparisons across languages/varieties (either within Uralic, or between Uralic and non-Uralic) are equally encouraged. Studies that bear on current, topical issues in general linguistics, work on lesser studied and endangered languages and language varieties, and contributions reporting new empirical findings will be especially welcome.

JUL is a continuation of Finno-Ugric Languages and Linguistics and Approaches to Hungarian .

JUL is peer-reviewed and published in English.

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Volume 2 (2023)

Volume 1 (2022)

Editorial Board
Arto Anttila | Stanford University
Reili Argus | Tallinn University
Alexandre Arkhipov | University of Hamburg & Moscow State University
Anja Arnhold | University of Alberta
Rogier Blokland | Uppsala University
Pauli Brattico | The University School for Advanced Studies IUSS Pavia
Andrey Filchenko | Nazarbayev University
Marit Julien | Lund Universuty
Elsi Kaiser | University of Southern California
István Kenesei | HUN-REN Hungarian Research Centre for Linguistics & University of Szeged
ORCID logoKatalin É. Kiss | HUN-REN Hungarian Research Centre for Linguistics
Gerson Klumpp | University of Tartu
ORCID logoMatti Miestamo | University of Helsinki
Diane Nelson | University of Leeds
Urpo Nikanne | Åbo Akademi University
Irina Nikolaeva | SOAS University of London
ORCID logoKarl Pajusalu | University of Tartu
Renate Pajusalu | University of Tartu
Heete Sahkai | Institute of the Estonian Language, Estonia
Ida Toivonen | Carleton University
Svetlana Toldova | Higher School of Economics, Russia
Susanna Virtanen | University of Helsinki
Beáta Wagner-Nagy | University of Hamburg
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