Transformative Reading

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Transformative Reading belongs to a growing tradition of studies investigating the functions of aesthetic experiences in our lives. Philosophers, literary theorists, and psychologists have suggested that aesthetic experiences implicate and develop our sense of ourselves. Literary texts, as one such experience, challenge readers and extend their imagination by means of complex or deviating plots. Reading literary narrative fiction helps readers develop imaginary selves in a safe way, enhancing their theory of mind. It might also contribute to the development of readers’ interpersonal competencies and foster pro-sociality, altruistic behaviour, and empathy. This book uses empirical research methods to focus on the processes of literary reading, revealing two pathways for the transformative powers of literature. It also reveals how an understanding of these pathways might be beneficial in educational settings – in schools, in the workplace, and in medical contexts.
[Linguistic Approaches to Literature, 42]  Expected July 2024.  xii, 259 pp. + index
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“Reading changes lives – but how can we study such transformative experiences with literature? Fialho’s book offers a new, compelling look at old questions, bringing into play aesthetic experience, readers’ sense of self and the literary text in her bid to understand the transformative power of literature.”
“This book is a thoughtful and methodologically-sophisticated deep dive into one of the most essential questions in literary studies: how reading helps give meaning to people’s lives. It weaves together quantitative and qualitative approaches to provide empirical insights, a roadmap for future research, and valuable guidelines for improving literary education. It is a wonderful addition to the empirical literary studies tradition.”
“A must-read for all literature, stylistics, and cognitive poetics scholars and teachers of literature, Fialho’s book is a major step forward in contemporary literary studies, offering a theoretically rich and analytically productive approach to the process of reading. Relying on an innovatively construed range of theories and developing a compelling empirical paradigm, it offers a typology of reading experiences which brings the conversations on ‘reader response’ to a whole new level.”
“This erudite volume on transformative reading is a must read for anyone working in literary pedagogy. Fialho succeeds admirably in bringing clearly argued empirical research to bear to highlight the effects that literary reading can have on our perceptual cognitive and emotional capacities, as cultured human beings. Reading this book on transformative reading is a transformational act in itself. Teachers of literature will find it truly inspirational.”

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