Language Studies, Science and Engineering

David I. Hanauer | Indiana University of Pennsylvania

The Language Studies, Science and Engineering (LSSE) book series seeks submissions of book proposals that address the interface among language studies, science, engineering and education. This book series aims to bring together researchers from the fields of language studies and science/engineering education with the aim of generating new interdisciplinary knowledge. This book series is premised on the concept that science is of central importance in the 21st century and that research informed by linguistic knowledge can contribute to the description, understanding, education and practice of science and engineering. The goal of this series is to enhance educational and professional practices in the sciences and engineering through interdisciplinary interaction between language researchers, science and engineering educators and scientists.

The scope of this book series covers the range of potential contributions that language studies can make to the advancement of science, engineering and educational practices in these fields. Researchers who utilize language based methodologies, such as discourse analysis, computational linguistics, conversational analysis, multimodal analysis, rhetorical analysis, and genre analysis, for the purposes of advancing science/engineering education and professional practice are invited to submit a proposal for this innovative book series.

The series welcomes submissions. Book proposals, preferably structured along the lines indicated in our Guidelines for Book Proposals, can be sent to the series editors, Prof. David I. Hanauer ([email protected]) and Prof. Michael J. Ford ([email protected]), or to the responsible Benjamins acquisition editor, Mr Kees Vaes ([email protected])
Edited by Catherine Caws and Marie-Josée Hamel
2016. xv, 257 pp.
Edited by Mary Jane Curry and David I. Hanauer
2014. xvi, 180 pp.
Editorial Board
Sibel Erduran | University of Limerick
Ellice Forman | University of Pittsburgh
Greg Kelly | Pennsylvania State University
Jorge Larreamendy | Universidad de los Andes
Mary Jane Curry | University of Rochester
Fredricka L. Stoller | Northern Arizona University
Karen Englander | Universidad Autónoma de Baja California
Graham F. Hatfull | University of Pittsburgh
Scott A. Strobel | Yale University

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