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In the past two decades, usage-based approaches to linguistic inquiry have forged an empirically grounded comprehension of language as locally contingent, temporal, and ever-adaptive. Interactionally-oriented approaches to the study of language have evidenced both how linguistic structures function as resources for organizing social interaction, and, conversely, how social interaction shapes linguistic structures.

Interactional Linguistics aims to advance our understanding of this symbiotic relationship between language and social interaction, contributing to a more encompassing comprehension of what language is, in light of its use within the dynamics of social interaction. This fully peer-reviewed journal publishes original research that demonstrates how close scrutiny of linguistic structures as they occur in social interaction can deepen our appreciation of the functional and formal aspects of language, be it within a single language or cross-linguistically. The journal publishes qualitative and quantitative research and welcomes empirical as well as theoretical arguments.

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Latest articles

30 April 2024

  • Meaning as referential work : Reflections on the research object of Interactional Semantics
    Tom Koole | IL 3:1-2 (2023) pp. 167–177
  • 25 April 2024

  • Ad-hoc-compounds in spoken German : (When) do we need compositionality?
    Henrike Helmer | IL 3:1-2 (2023) pp. 67–92
  • 23 April 2024

  • Escalating prosody : The vocal depiction of mobile action sequences
    Beatrice Szczepek Reed | IL 4:1 (2024) p. 97
  • 5 April 2024

  • From doing work on your own talk to doing work on others’ talk : The longitudinal development of also ‘so’ in L2 German
    Sam Schirm | IL 4:1 (2024) pp. 68–96
  • 18 March 2024

  • Meaning in interaction
    Arnulf Deppermann Elwys De Stefani | IL 3:1-2 (2023) pp. 1–12
  • 12 January 2024

  • Displaying a negative stance by questioning meaning : The Italian format Che cosa vuol dire X? (‘What does X mean?’)
    Elwys De Stefani | IL 3:1-2 (2023) pp. 40–66
  • 11 January 2024

  • The semantics of taste in interaction : Body, materiality and sensory lexicon in tasting sessions
    Lorenza Mondada | IL 3:1-2 (2023) p. 93
  • Self-repeat as a multimodal retraction practice : Evidence from Hebrew conversation
    Leon Shor Michal Marmorstein | IL 3:1-2 (2023) pp. 132–166
  • 9 January 2024

  • Meta-semantic practices in social interaction : Definitions and specifications provided in response to Was heißt X (‘what does X mean’)
    Arnulf Deppermann | IL 3:1-2 (2023) pp. 13–39
  • 23 October 2023

  • Seeing is believing : The multisensorial emergence of the Estonian näed ‘you see’ as an evidential
    Leelo Keevallik Marri Amon | IL 4:1 (2024) pp. 38–67
  • Longitudinal change in linguistic resources for interaction : The case of tu vois (‘you see’) in L2 French
    Klara Skogmyr Marian | IL 4:1 (2024) pp. 3–37
  • 4 May 2023

  • Calibrating recipiency through pronominal reference
    Josua Dahmen Joe Blythe | IL 2:2 (2022) pp. 190–224
  • 28 March 2023

  • Can temporal clauses be insubordinate? Evidence from English conversation
    Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen Sandra A. Thompson | IL 2:2 (2022) pp. 165–189
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