Cognitive Linguistics in Practice

Carita Paradis | Lund University
ORCID logoStefanie Wulff | University of Florida
Cognitive Linguistics in Practice (CLiP) is a textbook series that introduces students in the language sciences and scholars from neighboring disciplines to established as well as emerging fields in language research that adopt a cognitive perspective. Cognitive linguistics is defined widely to include any approach, theoretical or methodological, that attributes a central role to language experience for language acquisition, processing, production, and comprehension. Examples of such approaches include, but are not limited to:
  • cognitive-functional semantics and cognitive grammar;
  • usage-based approaches to language, such as construction grammar and complex systems theory;
  • data-driven approaches to language learning and teaching;
  • psycholinguistic research that addresses the role of experience-based factors;
  • corpus-based research on language learning and teaching;
  • multimodal communication;
  • research on discourse and interaction in communication.
Areas of research include, among many others:
  • linguistic theory;
  • first and second language acquisition;
  • heritage language acquisition;
  • language attrition;
  • language processing;
  • language perception and cognition;
  • language production and comprehension;
  • verbal language, sign language, and gesture;
  • language teaching.
The books in the series are written in an accessible style and include assignments in both paper and online format to allow flexible inclusion in traditional as well as flipped or online only classes at the undergraduate and graduate level.
Klaus-Uwe Panther
2022. xxiii, 283 pp.
Geoffrey S. Nathan
2008. x, 171 pp.
Günter Radden and René Dirven †
2007. xiv, 374 pp.
1 (1999)
René Dirven † and Marjolijn H. Verspoor
1999. xiv, 300 pp.
Edited by René Dirven † and Marjolijn H. Verspoor
2004. xii, 277 pp.
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