Chinese Language and Discourse

An International and Interdisciplinary Journal

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A peer-reviewed journal which seeks to publish original work on Chinese and related languages, with a focus on current topics in Chinese discourse studies. The notion of discourse is a broad one, emphasizing an empirical orientation and encompassing such linguistic fields as language and society, language and culture, language and social interaction, discourse and grammar, communication studies, and contact linguistics. Special emphasis is placed on systematic documentation of Chinese usage patterns and methodological innovations in explaining Chinese and related languages from a wide range of functionalist perspectives, including, but not limited to, those of Conversation Analysis, sociolinguistics, corpus linguistics, grammaticalization, cognitive linguistics, typological and comparative studies.

The journal also publishes review articles as well as discussion topics. Exchanges of research views between authors and readers are also encouraged.

This journal is peer reviewed and indexed in: Bibliography of Pragmatics Online, LB, LLBA, MLA, TSA Online
Sample issue: CLD 3:2


K.K. Luke, Nanyang Technological University
Hongyin Tao, University of California, Los Angeles
Li Wei, University of London
Executive Editor
Hongyin Tao, University of California, Los Angeles
Review Editor
Li Wei, University of London
Editorial Board
Yung-O Biq, National Taiwan Normal University
Ping Chen, The University of Queensland
Kawai Chui, National Chengchi University
Patricia A. Duff, University of British Columbia
Gu Yueguo, The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing
Jiansheng Guo, California State University East Bay
Agnes Weiyun He, State University of New York
Shuanfan Huang, National Taiwan University
Zhuo Jing-Schmidt, University of Oregon
Dániel Z. Kádár, University of Huddersfield
Edward McDonald, The University of Auckland
Jerome Packard, University of Illinois
Yuling Pan, The U.S. Census Bureau, Washington D.C.
Jiaxuan Shen, The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing
Lily I-wen Su, National Taiwan University
Chao Fen Sun, Stanford University
Hao Sun, Indiana University-Purdue University
Sandra A. Thompson, University of California, Santa Barbara
Richard Xiao, Lancaster University
Daming Xu, Nanjing University
Zhu Hua, University of London

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Current issue: 4:2, available as of February 2013

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Volume 3 (2012): 2 issues; 320 pp. Print + online EUR 191.00
Volume 2 (2011): 2 issues; 320 pp. Print + online EUR 191.00
Volume 1 (2010): 2 issues; 320 pp. Print + online EUR 191.00

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Volume   Issues
Volume 4 (2013)   4:1   4:2  
Volume 3 (2012)   3:1   3:2  
Volume 2 (2011)   2:1   2:2  
Volume 1 (2010)   1:1   1:2  

Special Issues

2013. iv, 159 pp.
2013. iii, 156 pp.
2012. iii, 158 pp.
Edited by Zhu Hua and Lixian Jin
2012. v, 127 pp.
2011. iii, 161 pp.
2011. iii, 152 pp.
2010. iii, 190 pp.
2010. iv, 152 pp.
Edited by Zhu Hua and Lixian Jin
2012. v, 127 pp.



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