Bilingual Processing and Acquisition

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Psycholinguistic and neurocognitive approaches to bilingualism/multilingualism and language acquisition continue to gain momentum and uncover valuable findings explaining how multiple languages are represented in and processed by the human mind. With these intensified scholarly efforts come thought-provoking inquiries, pioneering findings, and new research directions. The Bilingual Processing and Acquisition book series seeks to provide a unified home, unlike any other, for this enterprise by providing a single forum and home for the highest-quality monographs and collective volumes related to language processing issues among multilinguals and learners of non-native languages. These volumes are authoritative works in their areas and should not only interest researchers and scholars investigating psycholinguistic and neurocognitive approaches to bilingualism/multilingualism and language acquisition but also appeal to professional practitioners and advanced undergraduate and graduate students.

In an attempt to be as inclusive as possible, this book series aims to publish volumes that represent the various subfields pertaining to bilingual/multilingual processing and acquisition as demonstrated in current research trends. Some of topics covered may include but are not limited to: language acquisition in adults; language acquisition in children; language attrition (native and non-native); linguistic competence and performance; processing perspectives of interlanguage development; bimodal bilingualism; phonological processing; morphosyntactic processing; orthographic processing; lexical processing; processing perspectives of code-switching; language activation; language representation; language selection; language and inhibitory control; speech perception; language production; working memory; cognitive consequences of bilingualism/multilingualism; cognitive executive functioning; innovative methodologies; artificial intelligence; computational modelling; cross-linguistic interference; language disorders; neurolinguistic approaches to bilingualism/multilingualism; and neurological and cognitive issues in healthy and brain-damaged bilinguals/multilinguals.

Book proposals and inquiries can be e-mailed to Cornelis H.J. Vaes at: [email protected] and CCed to Dr. John W. Schwieter at: [email protected]. Proposals for both authored monographs and edited volumes must follow the proposal guidelines in the tab above. If a proposal is accepted, the full book manuscript must follow the manuscript guidelines also found in the tab above. The general editor makes decisions, in consultation with members of the editorial advisory board, on the preliminary review of book proposals and final acceptance of books appearing in the series. The editorial advisory board is comprised of experts in all of the aforementioned fields.

Ulf Schütze
Expected June 2024. xv, 146 pp.
Edited by Vicenç Torrens
Expected July 2024. viii, 305 pp. + index
Edited by Mikel Santesteban, Jon Andoni Duñabeitia and Cristina Baus
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Edited by Irina Elgort, Anna Siyanova-Chanturia and Marc Brysbaert
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Julia Herschensohn
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Edited by Alessandro G. Benati and John W. Schwieter
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Chunsheng Yang
2016. xviii, 175 pp.
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