Advances in Contact Linguistics

In honour of Pieter Muysken

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Issues in multilingualism and its implications for communities and society at large, language acquisition and use, language diversification, and creative language use associated with new linguistic identities have become hot topics in both scientific and popular debates. A ubiquitous aspect of multilingualism is language contact. This book contains twelve articles that discuss specific aspects of Contact Linguistics. These articles cover a wide range of topics in the field, including creoles, areal linguistics, language mixing, and the sociolinguistic aspects of interactions with audiences. The book is dedicated to Pieter Muysken whose work on pidgin and creole languages, mixed languages, code-switching, bilingualism, and areal linguistics has been ground-breaking and inspirational for the authors in this book, as well as numerous other scholars working on the various facets of this rapidly expanding field.
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Table of Contents
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Introduction. Pieter C. Muysken: A brief biography, a language contact bibliography and a Festschrift summary
Tonjes Veenstra, Norval Smith and Enoch Oladé Aboh
Part 1. Creole languages and creole studies
Moving into and out of Sranan: Multiple effects of contact
James Essegbey and Adrienne Bruyn
A comparison of sociolinguistic characteristics of the English-lexifier contact languages of West Africa
Kofi Yakpo
The quest for non-European creoles: Is Kukama (Brazil, Peru) a creole language?
Peter Bakker
Are creoles a special type of language?: Methodological issues in new approaches to an old question
Silvia Kouwenberg and John Victor Singler
Part 2. Linguistic areas
Separating layers of information: The anatomy of contact zones
Rik van Gijn
Areal diffusion of applicatives in the Amazon
Mily Crevels and Hein van der Voort
Transfer of Swahili ‘until’ in contact with East African languages
Maarten Mous
Part 3. Mixed languages and language mixing
Turkish-German code-switching patterns revisited: What naturalistic data can(not) tell us
Jeanine Treffers-Daller
Mixing and semantic transparency in the genesis of Yilan Japanese
Luis Miguel Rojas-Berscia
Pottefers Cant, Groenstraat Bargoens, and the development of “have” and “be” in the wider context of contact
Norval Smith and Frans L. Hinskens
Part 4. Sociolinguististic aspects of language contact
Sociolinguistic enregisterment through languagecultural practices
Leonie Cornips and Vincent A. de Rooij
Snow on the Danish Antilles?: Referee design in Virgin Island Dutch Creole
Cefas G. Th. van Rossem
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