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LIA is a bilingual English-French journal that publishes original theoretical and empirical research of high scientific quality at the forefront of current debates concerning language acquisition. It covers all facets of language acquisition among different types of learners and in diverse learning situations, with particular attention to oral speech and/or to signed languages. Topics include the acquisition of one or more foreign languages, of one or more first languages, and of sign languages, as well as learners’ use of gestures during speech; the relationship between language and cognition during acquisition; bilingualism and situations of linguistic contact – for example pidginisation and creolisation. The bilingual nature of LIA aims at reaching readership in a wide international community, while simultaneously continuing to attract intellectual and linguistic resources stemming from multiple scientific traditions in Europe, thereby remaining faithful to its original French anchoring. LIA is the direct descendant of the French-speaking journal AILE.

LIA publishes its articles Online First.

ISSN: 1879-7865 | E-ISSN: 1879-7873
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Latest articles

22 March 2024

  • Lending a hand to speech : Gestures help fluency and increase pitch in second language speakers
    Federica Cavicchio Maria Grazia Busà | LIA 14:2 (2023) pp. 218–246
  • Another voice for another language? The impact of language on vocal register
    Lucie Drouillet , Corine Astésano Charlotte Alazard-Guiu | LIA 14:2 (2023) pp. 247–279
  • Fluctuations des émotions éprouvées par des apprenants débutants dans cinq cours de Français Langue Etrangère : Une étude de cas multiples
    Delphine Guedat-Bittighoffer Jean-Marc Dewaele | LIA 14:2 (2023) pp. 280–306
  • Effets du feedback correctif écrit direct et indirect sur la réécriture du texte et les subséquentes productions d’apprenants de l’italien LV3 au lycée
    Francesca La Russa | LIA 14:2 (2023) pp. 191–217
  • Joint actions affect infants’ cognitive word–object processing
    Eugenia Wildt | LIA 14:2 (2023) pp. 167–190
  • 27 October 2023

  • Conceptual transfer : Roots, assumptions, and current scope
    Scott Jarvis | LIA 14:1 (2023) pp. 14–40
  • Crosslinguistic differences in initial word recognition : A comparative study of French learners of Polish and Arabic
    Hedi Majdoub , Marzena Watorek , Rebekah Rast Pascale Trévisiol | LIA 14:1 (2023) p. 75
  • The impact of the cognitive effects of L1 orthographic depth and morphological complexity on L2 French morphographic processing
    Vera Serrau , Cecilia Gunnarsson-Largy Pierre Largy | LIA 14:1 (2023) pp. 127–166
  • Language-specific principles of discourse conceptualization in L2 English
    Marianne Starren | LIA 14:1 (2023) pp. 106–126
  • Always trust your gut? A case study on the differential impact of French as L1/L2 on Italian L3 tense-aspect judgments
    Francesco Vallerossa Camilla Bardel | LIA 14:1 (2023) pp. 41–74
  • Conceptual transfer, (re)conceptualisation and other cognitive aspects of crosslinguistic influence in L2 acquisition
    Cecilia Gunnarsson-Largy | LIA 14:1 (2023) pp. 1–6
  • Transfert conceptuel, (re)conceptualisation et quelques autres aspects cognitifs de l’influence translinguistique dans l’acquisition d’une L2
    Cecilia Gunnarsson-Largy | LIA 14:1 (2023) p. 7
  • 23 February 2023

  • Why Second Language Acquisition of sign languages matters to general SLA research
    Marianne Gullberg | LIA 13:2 (2022) pp. 231–253
  • Measuring language dominance in bilinguals with two sign languages
    Dag Johan Lindeberg | LIA 13:2 (2022) pp. 175–198
  • Second language acquisition of depicting signs : A corpus-based account
    Krister Schönström Johanna Mesch | LIA 13:2 (2022) pp. 199–230
  • SLA2 : Linking the domains of Second Language Acquisition and Sign Language Acquisition
    Krister Schönström Chloë Marshall | LIA 13:2 (2022) pp. 145–158
  • « SLA2 » : Ou comment relier acquisition des langues secondes et acquisition des langues des signes
    Krister Schönström Chloë Marshall | LIA 13:2 (2022) pp. 159–174
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